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Only Cat

A fan community for Catelyn Tully Stark

Only Catelyn
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A community for the A Song of Ice and Fire character Catelyn Tully Stark. Discussion, speculations, and fanworks are all welcome. The only thing that's probably not so welcome is bashing, which can be found in plenty of other places in fandom ;)


1. This community is for anyone who wants to participate in anything fannish concerning the character of Catelyn, so it goes without saying that this comm is a place to get away from the general Cat bashing that tends to go on. I don't really believe in exclusivity so if you can be civil you're welcome, fan per se or no.

2. On that note, be civil! No flaming, trolling, or insulting other members of the community. Conduct disagreements with politeness and common sense, and don't bash others' comments, ideas, contributions, etc. Hate speech is also a big no.

3. The contents of this community may possibly be just as adult as the books that inspire it. I don't want to be responsible for exposing minors to things that could legally be a problem, so make sure it won't be a problem for you before joining.

4. I'm no dictator about staying on topic; that said, this isn't the place to talk about your hemorrhoids or promote your coin collecting community. Just be sensible about it and remember that this is a community about ASOIAF and Catelyn.

5. Shipping is welcome but not necessary. Discussion of relationships is awesome, but no shipping wars or any of that wank.

6. It's bad form to post others peoples' fanworks. If you think there's something the rest of the community would be interested in reading or seeing, a link works perfectly well. You are more than welcome to post your own works.

7. As of now, general posting is set on public. Hopefully this will be a drama-free decision! However, fanworks have particular rules, and all fanworks must go under an LJ-CUT, with NWS items labeled as such.

8. Information from any books beyond AFFC are considered spoiler material and should come with a warning. Information from the first four books are fair game, so if you haven't read them, be warned!


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