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What's in a sticky post? Guys, should we use the sticky post? What on earth could we do with a sticky post?

Portrait of Lady Catelyn and her daughters

I commissioned the following portrait of Catelyn, Sansa, and Arya from mathia as a birthday gift to myself.

Lady Catelyn and Her Daughters

fic rec

The Fish and the She Wolf by Mandalbrot is a great ficlet about Catelyn's relationship with Arya.

art rec

song of a stone heart by Bubug is a gorgeous imagining of Cat's last living moment.


misstopia and I have decided to officially focus this community on book!Catelyn. As you all know, HBO drastically altered the characterization of Lady Catelyn Tully Stark for their television show. All indications are that she will be mischaracterized even worse in the upcoming season. One newspaper reviewer even called her season three storyline "character assassination."

But those of us who love the Catelyn written by George R.R. Martin will still have this community. I'd like to have some kind of Catelyn appreciation fest running here while HBO destroys the essence of her character over the next two months. We can post our favorite Catelyn quotations and/or passages, fan fiction, art (inspired by Martin's description of Catelyn, not Michelle Fairley), recommend favorite Cat-centric fanworks, etc.

Please join me and please spread the word to other fans of book!Catelyn.


Youth, Life, Death...

Back in December I posted art of young Catelyn I'd commissioned from Martina Cecelia. It was meant to be the first in a three-part series depicting the different stages of Catelyn's life. Martina just finished the third picture and I want to share it with other Catelyn fans.

Cat of Riverrun
Catelyn, the Lady of Winterfell
The Hangwoman of the Riverlands


Fandom March Madness!

Community, long time no seeee <3

Fandom March Madness is underway and Catelyn needs your votes in the preliminary round, she's lagging behind pretty badly, but the game is only just begun. At the very least let's give her a decent showing! Prelims close in about 48 hours (1-2 PM ET US on Thursday March 8th). Get those votes in and spread the word!

new art

Recently I commissioned a scene of Cat and the kids greeting Ned upon his return from the Greyjoy Rebellion.

artCollapse )


fic: catelyn/ned

Hi, all! I'm new here – I bring to this festive little site of Catelyn-love a greeting gift, in the form of a story in which a decadeish-pre-canon Cat has a thing or two to teach her obtusely polite husband. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Title: A Short Grammar of Eros and Honor: On Naming
Characters: Catelyn Stark / Eddard Stark, miniscule cameo by an OFC
Rating: T, for mild sexual content
Words: ~1,350
Summary: ‘As the Lady of Winterfell, she has learned to take practical matters into her own hands. She sees no reason why the intimate matters of her marriage should be any different.’

{Read on LJ}
{Read on AO3}


your ideal Cat actress

Apologies if this has been a topic here already. While Michelle Fairley has done an admirable job portraying Catelyn Tully Stark as HBO has decided they want her to be portrayed, HBO!Cat is a far cry from our own precious book!Cat. So, if you were in charge of casting and writing for the television adaptation of ASoIaF, who would be your ideal Catelyn?

Mine would be Julianne Moore or a younger Jane SeymourCollapse )

So, my fellow Cat fans, which actress best embodies your ideal Catelyn?